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Friday, 29 April 2011

27th April Shake Down

So, the 79th WIRED! session (this number is plucked, completely at random, out of the air and other guesses are available) got off to a predictably chaotic start; after Ken and Brian opened with their usual carefully planned and precisely executed melodies, our much loved and frequently abused MC 'The Frank' demonstrated his own unique interpretation of what Heavy Metal is all about!

The whole night was a scream (or made you want to) and we're grateful to all who come along and make WIRED! What it is - mostly musical anarchy, but always truly great fun!

The highlight of the evening was Dave Dorman with a surprise appearance by non other than that bat eating legend Ozzy!

Here's a list of all who took part, thanks to you all...

The Frank - loud blue something
Smoke on the Water, Phil & the boys
Dave 'Wozzle' - Hi ho this silver is heavy
Larry - Sweet Caroline, where's my metal?
Geary & Pete with some bluegrass Jambalaya
Roger & crew bluesing it up
Justin - words can't explain!!
Ken & Nige - a bat out of nowhere (heading for Nige's nose it seemed!)
Olivia - Somewhere in fields of gold
Mike - Acoustic Heavy Folk
Dave Dorman & Ozzy Wasborn- been a long time since I thrashed my ... fill in the blank
Duncan & Lee with some Jazz metal, nice. Joined by Gabriel, a new face at WIRED!

See you again on the 25th...

No bats were harmed in the making of this blog.