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Saturday, 28 May 2011

70's Round Up - 25th May Review

Another great night, with diverse and interesting views on the 70's. Here's some of the highlights...

Friday, 6 May 2011

And the next WIRED! theme is....

The votes have all been collated and the phone lines are now close; please don't call, as your votes wont be counted and you may still be charged.... Actually, please do call - we need the money!!

Anyhar, the results are as follows:

In third place, and going home tonight is.......... SWAMP!

In second place, and only slightly embarrassed is...... FOLK ROCK (better luck next time!)

So, without further artificial dramatising, in first place and taking centre stage as this month's theme, the star of next WIRED! is.......

Yes indeed, dig out those flares, platform shoes, and sparkly pimp suites, it's time to regress!
Time to Glam up!

As with last month, this theme is completely open to interpretation - so, if you've always wanted to do that Leonard Cohen number in the style of T-Rex, now's your chance!

Those of you wishing to truly enter into the spirit of things may want to dress up - here's a useful link...

And, if you want to get the skinny  on how to have a real n hap'nin' confab, check out this radical site - Slang Terms of the Seventies
Catch ya on the flip side, can ya dig it?

Far out.

Monday, 2 May 2011

A good night for the CreeK boys...

Ebba's CreeK managed their own second coming last night, resurrecting themselves for their third 'final last stand' so far this year!

It occurred to some of us that there has been quite a change, over the years, not just in their music, but in the hair! Here's what the boys looked like, back in the day...

It's a wonder they made it this far, really!