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Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Blog is born - WIRED! gets with it!

So, here we are then! WIRED!'s official Blog breaks the scene.
Well, here's where the craziness happens, now you can keep in touch, up-to-date, and have your say - this Blog belongs to all those fantastic folks who continue to support, encourage, and enjoy good live music in their local pubs!
So what's in the Blog? Well, each month we'll post news about the last WIRED! event and lay down all the highlights, lowlights (surely not!), new faces, and any other interesting, amusing, unbelievable, made-up nonsense that comes to mind!
In addition, there will be various rants and raves that happen to force their way out of the dark manifestations of our minds... We'll try to keep these to a minimum, so as not to get locked away again.
If any of you have something that you're desperately in need of sharing, this here can be the platform from which you can launch it - it may be related in some way to the goings on of WIRED!, but it may just be something that you are passionate about and want to discuss with the fine and upstanding folk in the WIRED! community (of course, we'd ask you to bear in mind the close linguistic relationship between WIRED! and WEIRD when seeking comments from others).
There you have it, then - the WIRED! Blog is born, what happens now is anyone's guess. See you all at the sanitarium!
WIRED! Blogmaster

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